Benjamin-E's Songs

  • If You're Fly


Carrying a common name, Benjamin packs uncommon charisma, creativity, and talent. A native of Houston, Texas, Benjamin began fostering his musical talents at the age of seven by becoming a part of his church's choir. Cliche? Not quite... The unique twist in Benjamin's start is that on his first night of rehearsal with the choir, he left as the soloist. This inimitable drive, self-belief, and fearlessness helped Benjamin not just succeed, but also exceed all through his grade school musical endeavors. He became a Drum Major in his high school band and section leader of the choir, all crucial stepping-stones along the path of his passion for performance. Oddly enough, he began writing songs out of necessity rather than pure inspiration; after graduating high school he simply didn't know how or where to acquire songs - this fact, however, would not impede upon his progress in the slightest. Benjamin let his ambition lead the way, and lucky for us, in doing so he stumbled upon something incredibly special. After recording countless demos and performing in several talent shows, contests, and events, one of his songs earned him a job as a writer at major recording studio. Following nearly a year of writing for others, Benjamin left the studio in order to carve out his own path. Emotionally fatigued after several false starts, he began writing earnest songs centered on his feelings - these songs would eventually become the Construction Paper EP, his first complete project. Quick on the draw, shortly thereafter Benjamin employed his distinctive voice and fresh writing style to craft his next EP, "Whatever...", a record focused on self confidence and massive chest-thumping beats.




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