Paul Casey Featured in UK-Based Celebrity Gossip and Lifestyle Magazine

As Paul Casey continues to become more recognized throughout the UK and the US, we will continue to bring you more about what the press is saying! Here is what Female First: Celebrity Gossip and Lifestyle Magazine said about Casey's latest album!

"On August 13th   2012, Northern Ireland's best-kept secret, Paul Casey, will independently release his new album ‘Big World’ in the UK.

Hailed as one of the standout albums of recent years to emerge from Ireland, ‘Big World’ is Casey’s first UK release, presenting nine epically scored musical landscapes, peppered with Casey's Celtic sensibilities and evocative lyrics that reflect a maturity beyond his (insert age) years.  

Despite displaying all the hallmarks of being produced in a world-class studio, the new album was recorded in Casey's own home studio. Every song is produced, written and performed (apart from the odd instrumental or backing vocal) by Casey, who describes..." 

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